Rishi Athreya

Electronic Journal of Social and Strategic Studies

Volume 2, Special Issue II, April 2021

Pages: 31-50

India’s Relations with France and UK in the Indo-Pacific


India’s maritime domain extends to the Indo-Pacific defined as stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Western Pacific. Many major powers including USA, China and Russia are active in the region. Other NATO middle powers like France and UK too are involved in the Indo-Pacific. India has maritime diplomacy with these two countries. India has long followed a foreign policy of strategic autonomy. There is a joint military doctrine as also doctrines and strategies by individual forces. France has several policy documents addressing the Indo-Pacific. It has a direct presence in the region, both in the Indian Ocean and Pacific. The UK too has policy documents. There is scope for India to be a net security collaborator for both countries in their Indo-Pacific operations. Other Commonwealth countries especially Australia also has an important role. The Northern and Southern Hemisphere Quads could move towards a Pacific Group of Seven.

Keywords: Indo-Pacific, France, UK, Maritime, Commonwealth, Quad, Persian Gulf, South China Sea, Pacific