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  1. Indo-Israel Defence: Cooperation and Future Prospects
  2. Make in India and the Aerospace Industry 
  3. IAF’s Unmanned Capability- Prospects for Indigenisation
  4. Artificial Intelligence in Avionics
  5. Airspace Control: Challenges and Way Ahead
  6. 114 Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft: Is there an Urgency for Procurement? 
  7. A professionally educated military is critical to national security
  8. Engine Leasing
  9. War fighting Wares
  10. Evolving Domains of Warfare
  11. Before it’s Too Late
  12. The Shrinking Pie
  13. The need for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for the IAF
  14. The Importance of the Unmanned
  15. Rhetoric Vs Reality 
  16. Procurement Problems
  17. New Branch, New Challenges
  18. Aero India 2023 | Unmanned Future
  19. A Curtain-Raiser On: Aero India 2023
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Issue Brief 

Strategic Bomber for the IAF 

Asset Allocation: Right Time or Not